Statement regarding Gengar and our run at the NRLS playoffs

by Lethal Strike | November 08, 2020

As many of you are aware, the #TLSRL squad has been participating in the Nashville Rocket League Series Season 5 Charity League for the past month. 

Our roster has consisted of the following members throughout the season, Jay, Jester, Gengar, Jrdn, and Blaze since the start of the league. With Gengar, Jay, and Jester being our main 3. 

Yesterday was the playoffs, and in our first game against the University of Kentucky Gengar was late to the game by one map which ultimately resulted in us losing that series.

After the game, we played Stuart Littles in the winners bracket of playoffs. We ended up losing that series as well. After that game Gengar informed the team he would no longer be playing because he was “too good” for the losers bracket". This action caused us to throw in a last second sub (Jrdn), who the team overall didn’t have much experience playing with. We unfortunately lost the series and were eliminated from the playoffs. 

We have been informed that Gengar’s actions are a regular occurrence in the Rocket League scene, and we believe that has to change. The TLS management spent countless hours making content and live reporting matches to ensure this team felt special and had a storyline, and now all of that has gone to waste. 

Gengar will no longer be representing Team Lethal Strike, and we warn other organizations from working with him as well. 

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