Welcome to our new home!

by Lethal Strike | July 22, 2020

Lethal Strike has strengthened its ties to the world of esports and content by expanding to a new partnership with Emberwebs.

With the help of Emberwebs we've gotten the opportunity to produce a website for all things Lethal Strike. This website features our existing and upcoming content talent, our upcoming competitive rosters, our apparel lines and more!

As Team Lethal Strike develops so will this space, we’re looking forward to showing everyone what we have in store! And yes there will be a store very soon..

”Emberwebs has been an absolute pleasure to work with during this time, Nick especially is very helpful and I’m looking forward to the future of Team Lethal Strike and our partnership with Emberwebs” Fletcher “Effekt” Power co-ceo of Team Lethal Strike said.

We hope you all enjoy the website, and be sure to have a look around! 

About Team Lethal Strike

Lethal Strike is an entertainment and esports organization compiled of previous players and aspiring entrepreneurs who are paving a new fresh path for gamers, content creators and all individuals that have a passion for gaming. Our core beliefs, community, competition, creation, and dedication are integral to understanding who we are and our values as an organization.

About Emberwebs

We are Shopify Experts and Shopify is what we do. In 2015 we designed our first Shopify project and instantly fell in love with the platform. Since then we have been solely focused on helping eCommerce and esports organizations grow their businesses with beautifully designed, mobile ready Shopify sites. We tackle projects of all sizes from installing apps to creating a completely custom websites for businesses of all sizes. Our motto is "Be bold or italic...never regular" and we live by it. With each and every site we create we aim to design stunning websites that ensure that our clients standout in the crowd. Visit Emberwebs.com

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