About Us

Lethal Strike is an entertainment and esports organization compiled of previous players and aspiring entrepreneurs who are paving a new fresh path for gamers, content creators and all individuals that have a passion for gaming.
Our core beliefs, community, competition, creation, and dedication are integral to understanding who we are and our values as an organization.


  • fletcher "effekt" power

    Co-Ceo | Fletcher@LethalStrike.org

    Fletcher Power debuted into the Call of Duty sniping community in 2015. Since then, he has escalated into the esports scene starting off in Mazer Gaming in a management position, since then his had multiple executive roles within different organizations landing himself in Team Lethal Strike as the co-ceo!

  • Dominick "capcrew" Caparotti

    Co-Ceo | Dominick@LethalStrike.org

    Dominick started in the esports scene back in 2013, from then on he ran the same organization for 6 years! In early 2020 he decided it was time for a new chapter in his career which landed him in the co-ceo position at Team Lethal Strike. Dominick is a music nerd and a pop culture Disney know it all, he also currently competes in track/soccer. He can’t wait to see where TLS goes moving forward!